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Coronado Mailboxes

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Our collection of Coronado mailboxes are hand picked by Mailboxes Unlimited for their outstanding craftsmanship, quality and artistic beauty.
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Reforming status quo is both challenging and inspiring. It requires asking unique questions that demand solutions not yet considered. The culmination of asking these questions every day for nearly three years is a product that will reform the way curbside mailboxes are viewed – one that sets a new standard of beauty for the most discerning homeowner. Available in several colors and intricate cast brass accent pieces, the Coronado™ Collection Mailboxes will make any homeowner proud.


Also available with a spreader plate provides a convenient means of mounting more than one box on a single post. This is ideal for multi-unit applications or where postal requirements dictate centralized delivery. The spreader plates come in three sizes – for mounting two,  three or four boxes. Please call 1-800-856-5718 for pricing.


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